Our Beliefs

We are professional stylists, who are aware of every changing trend in hair and cosmetic fashions. But we are stylists who refuse to be dominated by fashion dictums that show no regard for your individual personality.

We are artists, who believe that your individual features, your life style and your personality should be the governing factor in determining the ultimate success of your visit with us.

At G B & CO Hair-Skin-Spa you will be receiving the ultimate in quality hair fashion, skin care, and individualized attention. NO GRATUITIES ARE ACCEPTED.

Mission Statement

We at G B & CO Hair-Skin-Spa, are a team dedicated to providing quality personal services. We maintain our skill level with continuous training and commitment to our profession. We practice within an atmosphere of mutual respect and integrity. We regard each client as unique-deserving personalized attention.

We know, understand, and are committed to our mission statement. We autograph our work with excellence. Education is the single most important thing we do for ourselves. We must make a difference or we are not doing our job. We need to be responsible. A positive attitude is a requirement in our workplace.